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Dr. Rahul Sawant is one of the top Best Cardiologist in Pune having completed his Medical practitioners from prestigious TATA Medical Center, Mumbai. He is currently practicing as an interventional cardiologist and has his MBBS, MD Medical from Pune India, MRCP from London and CCT in Cardiology from Cambridge UK. He is also connected with Hriday Mitra Cardiac Clinic of Pune inaugurated by him.

Hridaymitra Cardia Clinic has been established to be the best place for the heart treatment in Pune and the doctor from the best cardiologist in the Pune city.

He is the premier corporate hospital at Pune including Noble hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Sahyadri hospital and N.M.Wadia hospital. Furthermore, he is an asst. Professor of cardiology at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Medical College & Hospital for the last 5years in Pune.

He has been doing private practice since five years and is a proficient Best Cardiologist in Pune Practicing at Ruby Hall Clinic and Noble Hospital, he has done more than 5000 angiographies, and more than 3000 angioplasties.

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